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Tax Services

The tax and regulatory framework is dramatically changing in India and globally. The pace of changes and the dynamic tax laws adds to further complexities in the already complex and uncertain tax environment. With the fast-changing tax laws, it is important to stay abreast with the latest developments and have a thorough knowledge of these new tax laws. In order to match the pace of changes, organisations and big corporate houses are required to gear up their existing business models and operate under a more complex and globally aligned tax regime.

Talking about international taxation, today more and more multinational corporations (MNCs) are eyeing to invest or establish themselves in India. This requires them to thoroughly understand the tax and regulatory policies applicable in India. Likewise, Indian companies aiming to go global need to have an in-depth knowledge of how cross-border taxes and regulations work. Therefore, if you want to grow and succeed, a complete knowledge of various tax laws (both direct and indirect, domestic and international) is essential for doing business.

To add further, since the past few years, the Indian revenue authorities are emphasising on expanding the tax base through digitalisation and e-governance. This could lead to tax uncertainties and litigations which might further lead to tax demands. Therefore, organisations and individual tax-payers have to make constant efforts to analyse the potential impact of new developments in the tax and regulatory framework.

Furthermore, since an organisation’s investment and business decisions have a direct impact on their tax position, it becomes even more important that they foresee the impact of new tax rules and regulations and act accordingly.

Since taxes are a significant cost for businesses, upfront tax advice from experts can help in attaining tax efficiency.

ETaxMentor – Best Tax Consultant in India

ETaxMentor is one of the top tax consultancy and tax advisory firms in India. We help organisations to deal with critical issues in today’s tax environment and easily navigate from shifting tax laws and regulations. As a leading tax firm, we assist organisations in formulating effective strategies to optimise their taxes, manage tax compliances and implement innovative tax planning strategies.

Our tax advisory and consultancy services aim to solve complex tax issues of our clients and help them save their taxes with our efficient tax planning advice. By staying updated with latest tax laws and legislation, we are able to identify key tax planning opportunities to optimise your tax liabilities.

We have a team of professional tax advisors and consultants who draw their diverse experiences and knowledge to provide seamless services pertaining to financial accounting, corporate tax advisory, tax compliance, regulatory and litigation services.


ETaxMentor’s Approach in Providing Tax and Regulatory Services

We adopt a holistic approach that is completely tailored to our client’s business and personal needs. We help our clients develop sustainable tax strategies that are based on technical, practical and industry knowledge. Our strategies ensure maximum tax liability and complete compliance with the evolving tax laws. We use tried-and-tested methodologies that work well in the industry.

Moreover, our tax advisory services help our clients assess and improve their tax function’s processes, controls and risk management.

Our Taxation and Regulatory Services

We offer comprehensive tax planning and advisory services with regard to domestic and international tax in order to reduce risk and maximize benefits in the tax process. Our key service offerings include:

  • Corporate Tax Advisory

    • Advising on prevalent tax legislation and policies
    • Assisting in various tax compliances
    • Assisting in filing timely tax returns and making adequate disclosures
    • Identifying tax exposures and minimizing them
    • Ensuring the alignment of taxation with business strategies
    • Advising on tax planning opportunities to minimize tax incidence
    • Advising the impact of tax on domestic, international and cross-border transactions
    • Advising on the tax effect in respect of agreements to be entered into by various parties
    • Obtaining no-objection certificates
    • Advising on withholding tax obligations on payments made to residents and non-residents
  • Individual Taxation

    • Assisting in the computation of taxes
    • Assisting in preparation and review of income tax return
    • Assisting in tax reconciliations
    • Assisting in tax filing
    • Advising on individual tax planning
    • Guidance on equity and capital market investments in order to save taxes
  • International Tax

    • Structuring tax efficient cross-border transactions
    • Advising on cross-border transactions
    • Advising on aspects of foreign exchange law
    • Assisting in availing foreign tax credits in India or in other overseas jurisdictions
    • Resolving international tax disputes
    • Advising on double tax treaties under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
    • Improving the cross-border supply chain process
    • Analysing the impact of General Anti Avoidance Rules on cross-border transactions
  • Transfer Pricing

    • Assisting in preparation of transfer pricing documentation for TP audit
    • Designing and implementing transfer pricing compliance policies and strategies
    • Assisting in identifying transfer pricing exposures and uncertain tax positions
    • Coordinating to reduce the impact of year-end adjustments
    • Reviewing the inter-company agreements to analyse services rendered
  • Tax Litigation Support

    • Framing strategies for quick resolution of complex issues
    • Representing in front of Indian Tax authorities and different appellate forums like Appellate Tribunal, Commissioner (Appeals)
    • Helping in preparing and representing the case in front of High Courts and Supreme Court of India
    • Representing and assisting in matters of Advance Rulings
    • Preparing strategies for tax litigation
    • Managing relationships with tax authorities
    • Representing the case before anti-dumping authorities
    • Drafting, submitting and replying to the notices from income tax authorities
  • Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services

    • Assisting with preparation of tax accounts under IFRS, Indian GAAP and US GAAP
    • Improving the process, strategy and effectiveness of tax function
    • Identifying, analysing and monitoring tax risks
  • Indirect Tax

    • Advising on applicable taxes, benefits, exemptions, set-offs that can be availed
    • Conducting health check analysis to identify opportunities to reduce tax incidence
    • Identifying areas of tax optimization
    • Resolving indirect tax queries from time to time
    • Framing the most tax efficient models for different business structures

The Bottom Line

With ever-changing tax and regulatory framework, it becomes vital for companies to stay updated with the latest happening in the tax environment. It will not only help in complying with the rules and regulations but also lead to huge tax savings.

With eTaxMentor as your guide, you can leave the stress of tax related issues on us and focus on your core business. Our tax advisory and consultancy services will take care of all your tax related needs. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us now.