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SME services

India is one of the rapidly growing economies in the world. With feasible market conditions and support from the government for industrial growth, more and more businesses are emerging to compete in the market.

A lot of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have already established or are eyeing to set up their business in the country. At present, there are around 42.50 million SMEs in India contributing around 6.11% of the manufacturing GDP and 24.63% of Service sector GDP. With the pace at which SMEs are expanding it is important that they focus mainly on their core business and outsource other business related services.

SMEs have big visions, excellent products and services but still, they find it difficult to succeed and reach their desired level of growth. This is majorly due to internal factors which hinder the growth of SMEs. Some of the challenges faced by SMEs include lack of working capital management, issues with fund raising to scale business, implementing efficient policies and procedures, developing and executing robust strategies, gaps in marketing and sales and lack of a business plan.

Therefore, it is important to enable SMEs to grow to the next level. Assistance and support services for SMEs from experts can prove to be very helpful in overall growth. With SME consultancy and support services, these companies can overcome their top-line and bottom-line challenges.

This is where our role comes into the picture.


eTaxMentor – Best SME service provider in India

eTaxMentor is a leading firm providing support services for small medium enterprises in India. We guide SMEs to progress on the right path by framing practical and effective strategies. Our years of experience of working with various SMEs across varied industry sectors has helped us gain the necessary skills and expertise to boost their growth. Whether it is a newly emerging company or an established business, our support services for SMEs are for everyone.

We have a team of expert professionals who help businesses to achieve their aim in a systematic manner. Our aim is to help SMEs with seamless business transactions and processes. Our SME services not only help SMEs to establish themselves but also mentor them to run the business on the right ethics and achieve profitability. We extend our SME support services in areas like fund management, scalability assistance, budgeting, developing growth models, fund management, etc.

With our efficient services, SMEs can work at its full potential and reach towards the path of success. Below are the details of our SME services.

SME Services by eTaxMentor

  • Business Setup

    • Over the past several years, eTaxMentor has been the leading SME service provider for business setup services. We ensure that the SMEs comply with the rules and regulations that are essential for business setup. We understand that entering a market without proper planning can lead to the downfall and therefore we guide them to enter the market when the right opportunity is available. Our SME services focus on tapping the right set of consumers in the initial stage of setup. Often SMEs commence business without a proper tax planning which can lead to heavy tax payment at later stages. Our SME services in India ensure that business structure is developed keeping tax planning in mind.
  • Mentoring Entrepreneurs

    • Our expert professionals act as a mentor for the SMEs and guide them in the right direction of growth and development. Our SME services provide you with insights that will help your business in achieving its goals in an efficient manner. Without the right guidance in the initial stages, SME can fail or find its survival difficult. With our SME services, you get the right advice on all the aspects of the business and achieve the desired targets.
  • Scalability Assistance

    • As you grow, your scale of operations also change; you will have more customers, clients and more processes. Therefore, with our SME services on scalability assistance, we advise you on implementing the right scale of business operation at various stages of business. Our SME support services help your business in developing a system and process that can handle the work in an efficient way and adjust according to your business growth.
  • Budgeting
    • Budgeting is an important aspect of any SME. Lack of budgets or setting wrong budgets can lead to higher costs and ultimately the downfall of the business. We provide essential financial resources to businesses and also advise on areas where cost cutting is possible. We ensure that the organization’s lack of financial knowledge and experience do not hurt their profitability and long-term survival. Our SME support services ensure that the budgets are regularly prepared for various departments of the business and the paperwork is up to date for audit work
  • Fund Management

    • Efficient management of cash flows is essential for the sustainability of any SME. Fraud or mishandling of business cash can lead to serious consequences and downfall of the business. We have the necessary expertise in handling cash and utilizing it in the most efficient avenue of the business. eTaxMentor’s support services for small medium enterprises help them to focus on their core business areas without worrying about any mismatch between the assets and liabilities of the business. Our fund managers ensure that the funds are utilised in the right manner for stable growth of the business.
  • Growth Strategies

    • Turning an SME into a large enterprises is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a dedicated team of experts and professionals who have the past experience of turning around such smaller companies. We specialise in developing growth strategies for SMEs that have the potential to turn them into larger enterprises in the long run. We understand the growth aspects of an SME business and accordingly implement the right strategy like market penetration, market development, alternative channels and so on. With our growth strategies, an SME can successfully make the transition towards being a large business.

Bottom Line

SMEs have huge potential for growth. Al they need is the right direction and guidance to succeed. Our support services for SMEs have proved to be a boon for many small companies in the past. You too can take the advantage of our SME advisory services and excel in the path of success.

To know more about our SME services in India, get in touch with us and we will be happy to speak with you.